"Circular" Thinking
Thought, Theory, Planning, Design, Construction, Interplay, Implementation

Innovative, regenerative and cyclical solutions for rainwater capture and utilization on the agricultural land and in urban environment.

Yes, we can!

To harvest rainwater. To store it in high quality standards. To utilize it when needed. To manage it in a circular and decentralized way.

How? Through simplicity, practicality and functionality. With flexibility, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability. With robust design and strong structure construction, with low demands on both natural resources and energy. Under harmonization with landscape architecture.

Where? In remote, hard accessible areas. In arid areas or areas suffering from water scarcity. In the urban environment. In protected areas. In the unused agricultural land and in the dry crops.

For what? For agricultural, livestock, residential, commercial, industrial and agro-eco-touristic use. For the urban landscape, the households & the suburban green. For fire protection.

hyDrop3 – human, harmony, environment

Innovative, nature-inspired, sub-surface rainwater harvesting system

A shallow, sub-surface, rainwater collector captures rainwater. The water is transported and stored into tanks to adequately utilized.

State-of-the-art technologies (online monitoring of water quality and quantity, sensors, automations etc.) guide hyDrop3 to be implemented widely in arid areas, in areas suffering from water scarcity, but also show prospects of activity in the agricultural, livestock, industrial, manufacturing sector, as well as in the urban environment (main urban fabric, amusement parks, areas that have suffered natural disasters, under reconstruction or protected areas).

hyDrop3 design follows the “paths” of minimal invasiveness to the natural landscape, simplicity and flexibility, low demand on both natural resources and energy, which ultimately creates an economically viable scheme based on the concept of Circular Economy.

Integrated urban rainwater management systems

Study, design and construction of systems for:

Collection and management of rainwater from terraces and roofs.

Settlement, collection, storage, reuse and disposal of surface runoff (urban areas, residential yards, etc.)

Control, protection, drainage, collection and use of stormwater (hybrid drainage channels – bioswales)

Aquifer recharge and recover

Rain and grey water treatment, disinfection, reuse and “upgrade” (slow sand filtration process coupled with disinfection)

Circularity & Biomimicry

The water flows. Connects everything. The material (or better, energy) and the spiritual world. Our Existence and Experiences.

The “golden rain” is Teaching, Evolution, Knowledge, Technology.

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