Quality, Quantity
and Environment

Exploring and Revealing the state of the environment

Observation, Investigation, Control, Interpretation, Evaluation, Determination,
Assessment, Management & Adoption of Adaptations.

Tailored environmental monitoring services to aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Environmental evaluation and control of infrastructures related to wastewater and solid waste treatment and disposal. Environmental footprint assessment of agricultural activities and environmental performance of the urban landscape. Site investigation in the field of interest, design and implementation of integrated plans and protocols for data management, sampling, analysis and interpretation. Use of continuous remote sensing and real-time online-monitoring applications in natural and build environment.

Broad expertise

The constant communion on new technologies and techniques gives the ability to provide fast, efficient and economic environmental monitoring services.

Assessment and identification of physical, geographical and hydrological characteristic areas of interest. Identification of potential sources of pollution, localization and evaluation of causes of pollution. Remote sensing and real-time online-monitoring and collection of qualitative data and quantitative characteristics (water level, bathymetric -sounding and flow) of rivers, estuaries, lakes and reservoirs. Recording and Evaluation of anthropogenic pressures and pollution in the river basin and its effects on the quality of coastal, surface and groundwater. Determination of the trophic state in aquatic ecosystems. Dealing with complex ecological processes (eutrophication – appearance of dead fish, etc.)

Agricultural pollution management. Monitoring of water intended for recreational purposes (bathing waters, swimming pools, etc.). Management of water pollution from urban surface runoff and pantoroy networks. Monitoring services of microbiological and biological state of water bodies (lakes, rivers and marine, areas of municipal and industrial wastewater disposal, disposal of desalination plants, thermal water pollution). Calculation of contemporary environmental indicators, such as carbon footprint and water footprint. Monitoring of emissions, odor, noise and dust levels.

“Φύσις κρύπτεσθαι φιλεί”

Nature loves to hide
Heraclitus, 544-484 b.C.
"Circular" Thinking