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Human, Harmony, Environment

Evolution, Knowledge, Technology

Towards a new era of sustainable environmental management and protection


Holistic approach to aquatic environment issues

Active field

Hydraspis is a company of engineers, scientists and researchers actively involved in the broader field of Water Resources Management, Environment and Marine-environment Investigation through design studies, consultancy–advisory work and research. Particular emphasis is given to the integrated approach and addressing problems related to the aquatic environment.


The extensive experience, the specialized knowledge and the interdisciplinary character of the members and collaborators of Hydraspis provide leading edge investigation, analysis, study and planning, ensure a high level of consulting services and promote smart solutions through the multilateral creativity and confrontation of the emerging challenges.

Our principles

Value added

Expertise on water
Continuous information on developments in the field of activity provides access to modern science and often promotes it.
Commitment on Research & Innovation
Successful research leads to the interaction and ultimately to the connection of innovation with entrepreneurship.
Inspiration & biomimicry
The consolidation of the knowledge base of technique, technology and science.
In Nature. In tradition. Loyalty to the customer by understanding the needs.
Simplicity, practicality and functionality
Development of ideas, preparation of concept designs and guidance with informed decision making and technical planning.
Multilateral creativity
Integrated & “smart” approach to aquatic environment issues.
Adaptability & flexibility
Tailored solutions to the complex water-related challenges.
Efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability
Optimization of implementation and operation of projects at all stages of their life cycle with cost-effective solutions and high performance management of technical, environmental, regulatory and commercial conditions of application.
Harmonization with landscape architecture. Low intrusive trace.

People make

the difference


Civil Engineer from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). MSc-WRST “Water Resources Science and Technology, NTUA”. Hydraulic Engineer – Hygienist. (Water Quality and Environmental Technology)


Environmentalist – Oceanographer, University of the Aegean. MSc-WRST “Water Resources Science and Technology, NTUA”. PhD candidate in Coastal Engineering, University of the Aegean

“…οὐδέ ποτ΄ ἦν οὐδ΄ ἔσται, ἐπεὶ νῦν ἔστιν ὁμοῦ πᾶν, ἕν, συνεχές…”

…(the universe) has never been, nor will it be, because then and now it is the Everything, the One, the Continuum…

Parmenides, About Nature


Essential collaborations

& interplay